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Wednesday Poster Presentations

Construction of Geological Model Scenarios in a Highly Faulted Reservoir: Finding the Appropriate Model That Best-Fit Reservoir Simulation Objectives
J. M. Neethling, C. C. Nyapule, A. Jawoodien, J. Feddersen, S. Ngcongo
Characteristics and Genesis of Deeply Buried Reservoir Sandstone (Shahejie Formation), in Nanpu Sag, East China
M. Kashif1, 2
Diagenetic Implications in Tura Formation of North Assam Shelf, Assam and Assam-Arakan Basin, India: A Case Study
S. Uppal, B. Bhadu, S. Raza
Diagenesis and Geochemical Evaluation of the Siliciclastic Permian Ecca Group Sandstones: New Insight Into Hydrocarbon Potential in the Main Karoo Basin
T. L. Baiyegunhi, K. Liu, O. Gwavava
Cretaceous Giant Siliciclastic Reservoirs Depositional Models in Kuwait
A. S. Alsharhan, F. Abdullah
Static Reservoir Modeling of the Valanginian Depositional Sequence of Gamtoos Basin, Offshore South Africa
O. L. Ayodele
Rocking With Insights of Rock and Fluids and Implementing MICRO Reservoir Management for Enhanced Efficiency and Excellence in Sabiriyah Mauddud, North Kuwait
H. Chetri, M. Al-Shuaib, M. Jamal, H. Al-Zaabi
Evolution and Reservoir Quality of C Carbonate in the Central Part of Nam Con Son Basin, Offshore South Vietnam
H. A. Tuan, V. Phan Tien, D. Bui Viet, D. Anh Nguyen, H. T. Phan, H. T. Nguyen
Characteristics and Formation Mechanisms of Dolomicrite Reservoir: A Case Study of the Cenozoic Lacustrine Carbonate in Yingxi Region of Qaidam Basin, China
G. Song
Uranium-Bearing Strata Sedimentary System and Uranium Mineralization in Fault-Depression Transition Stage: A Case Study of Tamusu Uranium Deposit in Bayingobi Basin
L. Wu, Y. Jiao, H. Rong, Y. Hou
Seismic Imaging of Dolerite Structures in the Eastern Karoo Basin, South Africa: Implications for the Basin’s Shale Gas Potential
S. Enslin, M. Manzi, S. Webb
Research Progresses of Micro-Nano Pore Networks in Shale Oil Reservoirs in China
J. Wang
The Impact of Reservoir Facies on the SAGD Performance for Oil Sands Reservoir Development
H. Shin
Controlling Factors of Effective Carboniferous Volcanic Reservoirs of Dabasong Uplift in Junggaer Basin
A. Imin, M. Zha, F. Yang, X. Ding
Study on the Geological Genetic Mechanism and Potential Identification of Low Resistivity in Bohai Area: A Case Study of LD-A Oilfield in Liaodong Bay
H. Zheng, P. Y. Li, B. Z. Liu, X. J. Xu, Y. H. Li
Identification of Effective Tight Reservoir Based on the Mechanism of Interface Energy of Nanpu Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China
T. Zheng
Evaluation of US Shale Oil Productivity Based on Geological and Economic Perspectives
D. Zhang, H. Su1, 2, 3, J. Dai, C. He, R. Chen
Hydrocarbon Generation and Expulsion Features of the Upper Triassic Xujiahe Formation Source Rocks and Their Controlling Effects on Hydrocarbon Accumulation, Sichuan Basin, Central China
T. Zheng
Reservoir Micro Structure of Jurassic Da'anzhai Member Shelly Limestone and Their Hydrocarbon Significance in Central Sichuan Basin, China
Z. Pang, S. Tao
Mineral Composition and Total Organic Carbon Content of the Channel and Floodplain Sediments of the Swartkops Estuary, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
S. G. Ndibo
The Main Geological Factors Controlling the Production Capacity of Carbonate Reservoir in North Truva, Kazakstan
D. Zhang, H. Su1, 3, Z. Fan
Genesis of Lacustrine Carbonate Breccias and Their Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration in Yingxi Region, Qaidam Basin
Y. Wang
Discovery of Sandy Beach-Bar and Its Significance on Petroleum Geology Around Ruman Buried Hill of Melut Basin, South Sudan
B. Chen, Z. Shi, L. Xue
Innovations of Complex Geology in Mature Basin "Talara" (More Than 100 Years of Development) to Generate Viable Projects in Block 4 – Peru
A. J. Jimenez
Mechanism of Lake Shoreline Control on Shoal Water Deltic Sandbodies and Its Significance for Petroleum Exploration
J. Liu, D. Sun
Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of ‘AB’ Field in the NIiger Delta, Nigeria, Using Well Logs and Seismic Data
S. Mepaiyeda1, 2
Sed-Volcanic Clastic Rock Reservoir Characterization and Its Significance in Oil and Gas
S. Li
Quantifying Effective Porosity of Oil and Gas Reservoirs
Q. Hu1, 2
An Analytical Workflow for Accurate Thermal Maturity Assessment in Unfavorable Sedimentary Successions
L. Di Paolo, D. Barbieri, L. Bonoldi, I. Flores, R. Galimberti, E. Previde Massara
Pore Pressure Evolution in Offshore Suriname as Indicated by Well Analysis and 3-D Basin Modeling
K. Nifuku, Y. Kobayashi, Y. Araki, T. Ashida, T. Taniwaki
Acid Gas (CO2 and H2S) Risk Assessment at the Basin Scale
X. Guichet, E. Brosse, I. Kowaleswski, P. Bachaud, S. Wolf, N. Maurand
On the Benefits of Seeps Detection in Offshore Frontier Areas based on Multitemporal Satellite Sar Data and Manual Interpretation: From Northern African to Southern African Promontories, Levantine and Natal Basins, Selected Historical and Recent Sar Data
C. Blaizot
Petroleum Systems Analysis of the Gamtoos Basin, South Africa
A. Davids, C. Van Bloemenstein, C. J. Campher
Petroleum Evolution Within the Northern Tarim Basin, Northwest China: Insights From Organic Geochemistry, Fluid Inclusions, and Re-Os Geochronology of the Deeply Buried Halahatang Oilfield
X. Ge, C. Shen, D. Selby, M. Feely, G. Zhu
Using an Integrated Approach to Understand and De-Risk a Jurassic Play in Central Rub’ Al-Khali, Saudi Arabia
M. A. Alhamad, J. Ismail
Integrating 3-D Basin Modeling Concept to Determine Source Rock Maturation in the F-O Gas Field, Bredasdorp Basin (Offshore South Africa)
L. Ramphaka, W. Sonibare, T. K. Chatterjee
Carbonate Microfacies as a Source Rock: Heat Flow and Carbonate Source Rock Modeling of Kais Formation Indonesia
T. E. Putra, P. R. Putra, A. Samodra, M. Natsir
Characteristics of High-Quality Source Rock in Brink Sags, the Southern Bohai Sea
H. Liang, G. Xu, Q. Yu, F. Xu, K. Wu, D. Wang
Structural Controls on Pockmarks Fields in the Northern Gulf Of Mexico: A Case Study for Hydrocarbon Exploration in Salt Basins.
C. Roelofse, T. M. Alves, J. Gafeira
3-D Numerical Modelling of Hydrocarbon Generation From the Barremian-Aptian Source Rock Unit of the Northern Orange Basin, South Africa
C. A. Samakinde
Continuous Chance Mapping: The Next Step in Play and Prospect Chance of Success and Ranking
T. M. Levy
Phenomenon of the Albian Cenomanian Turonian Source Rock in the Suriname Part of the Guiana Basin
C. P. Griffith
The Influence of Climate Variability on the Content, Composition, Pattern of Organic-Carbon Enrichment in Sediments
K. Chukwuma, E. Bordy
Early Cretaceous Calcareous Organic-Rich Source Rocks in the Northern Arabian Platform: Paleoceanographic Reconstruction during the Drowning of a Siliciclastic Shelf
N. Waldman, O. Bialik
Assessing Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Krishna Godavari Basin through 3D Petroleum System(s) Modeling
S. Rawat1, 2
Evaluation of the Source Rock Potential of the Southern Orange Basin
B. Daniso, N. Jukuda
A Correlation Between the Southern North Falkland Basin and the Outeniqua Basin and its Implications on the Palaeogeographic Reconstruction of Gondwana
R. M. Stanca, D. Paton, D. Hodgson, E. Mortimer, D. McCarthy
Geomechanism Model of the Central African Shear Zone and its Related Rift Basins
H. Tongfei
Use of Analogue Modeling for Hydrocarbon Exploration: An Example in Papua New Guinea Fold and Thrust Belt (Onshore).
R. Darnault, R. Wightman, S. Schueller, J. Mengus
Tectonic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Distribution of Basins in Africa
G. Zhang
Structural Evolution and its Control on Hydrocarbon Accumulation of the Southern Depression in Melut Basin, South Sudan
L. Ma
Crestal Faulting as a Cause of Trap Integrity Loss and Gas Migration in the Migrant Structure, Sable Delta, Offshore Nova Scotia.
K. Martyns-Yellowe, B. Richards, G. Wach, N. Watson
New Play in Indonesia, Fractured Basement Reservoir: An Outlook, Characteristics, and Future Exploration
R. D. Renaldy
Magnetic Mineral Composition as a Potential Indicator of Depositional Conditions in Gas-Bearing Silurian Shale Rocks from Northern Poland
D. K. Niezabitowska, R. Szaniawski, M. Jackson
Determination of Loss Circulation Zones by Using Real-Time Temperature Logging While Drilling Petroleum Wells – Case Studies
M. M. Fernandes, T. Melo, R. Dantas, M. Tavares, L. A. Marcal
Machine Learning Assisted Prediction of Dissolution Spatial Distribution in Volcanic Weathered Crust Reservoirs: A Case Study
M. Tian, H. Xu, J. Cai, Z. Wang
An Integrated Geophysical Approach to Mapping and Modelling the Karoo Dolerite Intrusions in the South-Eastern Karoo Basin of South Africa
C. Baiyegunhi, O. Gwavava, K. Liu, T. L. Baiyegunhi
Reservoir Characterization from Lithofacies and Petrophysical Analyses of the Clastic Sediments in the Southern Pletmos Basin, South Africa
M. E. Oghenekome
Compound Sand Architecture of Meandering Reservoir and its Application in Offshore Q Oil Field, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China
G. Hu, L. Song, T. Fan, X. Liang
The Magic of Depth Imaging in a Complex Geological Setting - A Case Study from Upper Indus Basin
S. Shah, M. Sajjad
The Application of Seismic Sedimentary Method in the Detailed Prediction of the Lithological Reservoir of Sublacustrine Fan in Bohai JZX Gasfield
J. Wen
Uncertainty and Risk Analysis of 3D Geological Model for Syn Rift HP-HT Reservoir of Krishna –Godavari Basin, India
A. Kumar
Fluid Expulsion Above a Gravity-Linked System: 3-D Seismic Reflection Case Study From the Orange Basin, Namibia
E. O. Eruteya, D. Nehemiah, A. Moscariello, M. Opuwari
Prototype Model of Modern Fluvial Deposits and Discussion on Architectural Units: A Case Study of Hailar River and Chaobai River
D. Xiao, G. Hu, T. Fan, F. Chen, J. Dong, Y. Gao, X. Liang
Fit-for-Purpose Log Conditioning as Applied on the F-A Gas Field in the Bredasdorp Basin, Offshore South Africa.
A. Jawoodien
Discussion on Application Method of Rock Cuttings in the Fault Sealing of China Offshore Oilfield
L. Song, G. Hu
Mechanical Specific Energy (MSE) in Coring: A Tool to Understand the Drilling Mechanism and Coring Parameters Optimization for Improved Core Recovery
U. Prasad
Carbonate Depositional Attributes and Controlling Factors of Reservoir Property in Saline Lacustrine Basin: A Case Study of Paleogene in Western Yingxiong Ridge, Qaidam Basin (NW China)
Z. Liu, C. Zhu, Z. Xia
Accurate Characterization of Porosity Heterogenity and Optimization of Testing Zone Selection in High-heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir: A Success-Story from East China
S. Li
Priority Development Ranking from Two Mature Oil Fields Based on Remaining Reserves Identification through Heat Propagation Analysis
K. Suprayogi, M. Natsir, O. Kurniawan, H. Parulian, Y. Hartono, H. Pratama
Data Analysis for Coupled Information Dimension and Applications
Y. Su
Underwater Gliders for Oil & Gas Exploration
D. Dhont, P. Lattes, A. Vidal, D. Levaché, L. Beguery, V. DelMarro, F. Besson, V. Rochet
First Breaks Picking: a Key Element to Improve Seismic Imaging through Full-Waveform Inversion on Land Data
F. Studer, L. Lemaistre, C. Rivera, J. Brunelliere
The Next Frontier in South African Shale Gas and Tight Oil Extraction: Strategic Reduction of Environmental Impact
A. Kazerouni
Technology Advances and Adaptation for Diminishing Risks to Water Resource from Unconventional Gas Exploration
A. Kazerouni