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Wednesday Morning Oral Presentations

A New Model of Oceanic Crustal Ages Derived From Magnetic Data: Implications for Source Rock Distribution Along the Transkei Margin of South Africa
J. Mariano, C. P. Glover, M. Sullivan, A. Tikku
Somali Basin's Crustal Structure and Post-Rift Deformation: A Recorder of Madagascar and India Drifts
J. Ringenbach, T. Maurin, C. Chappey
South Outeniqua Basin Structure: New Elements
J. Ballard, M. Dal, A. Azher
Revealing the Complexities of the Gabon Southern Margin Through Gravity, Magnetics, and Seismic Data Integration
M. E. Parsons, P. Martinez Duran, G. Duval
Hybrid Break-Up: Spanning End-Member Models Towards a Full Tectonostratigraphic Understanding of the Central South Atlantic
K. G. McDermott, N. W. Hurst, P. Bellingham, B. W. Horn
The Prospectivity of the Jurassic Source Rocks in the Suriname Part of the Guiana Basin
C. P. Griffith
Controls on Sediment Delivery Into the Moroccan Atlantic Passive Continental Margin: A Source-to-Sink Study
J. Redfern1, 3, T. Luber1, 3, R. Charton2, 3, L. Bulot1, 3, G. Bertotti2, 3
Assessing the Organic Nature, Potentials and Distribution of Source Rocks, Within the Southern Pletmos Basin (Offshore of South Africa): A 3-D Modelling Study
F. A. Agbor, S. Mhlambi, T. N. Achu, W. A. Sonibare, J. van Bever Donker, T. K. Chatterjee
Detritic Input Quantification in Lacustrine Petroleum Systems: Example of the Pre-Salt Source Rocks from the Lower Congo Basin (Congo)
F. Behar, V. Delhaye-Prat, S. Garel, A. Chaboureau
Dibenzofurans and Benzo[b]naphthofurans: Molecular Tracers for Oil Migration Direction and Distances in Niger Delta, Nigeria
A. B. Ogbesejana1, 2, O. O. Sonibare, Z. Ningning
Definition of Porosity Trends for Pore Pressure Modeling in Scenarios With Erosive Unconformities
L. A. Marcal, B. S. Silva, P. R. Cardoso, R. D. Reis
Prediction of Pre-Salt Carbonate Reservoirs in Kenkiyak, Kazakhstan
A. Xu, S. Hu, X. Zheng, Z. Yang
Advanced Seismic Characterization and Reservoir Modeling of Deep-Water Turbidity System in Angola Offshore
L. Lanza, N. Colombi, C. de Draganich Veranzio, M. Fervari, A. Castoro
Uncertainty Quantification Algorithms for Reservoir Characterization of Interwell Volumes
S. Alsaif, A. Marsala
Informed Drilling: Integrated GIS Tools for Well Planning
M. I. Al Qateefi, W. Al Kharashi
Geosteering in Coiled Tubing Drilling in Carbonates Unlocked by Real Time Characterization on Cuttings
A. Marsala, G. Oliver
Integrated Hyperspectral Core Imaging in Unconventional Reservoirs to Identify Drilling and Completions Hazards and Enhance Reservoir Models
B. E. Hollon, H. Howe, P. DuBois, L. Fonteneau, B. Martini
Passive Seismic Approach to Minimize Drilling Risk
A. R. Sumiarso1, 2
Tectonic Evolution, Structural Styles and Plays of the Russian Chukchi Sea Sedimentary Basins
M. Skaryatin1, 2, S. Zaytseva, E. Bulgakova, N. Malyshev, V. Verzhbitsky, V. Obmetko, A. Borodulin, B. Ikhsanov
An Under-Filled Rift Basin: Source, Reservoir, and Seal Distribution within the Canterbury Basin, New Zealand
A. Barrier, A. Nicol, G. Browne, K. Bassett, T. Sahoo
High-Resolution Multi Cross-Section Restoration and Its Applications in Reservoir Quality Prediction
A. M. Pelosi, F. Garcia Dominges da Costa, F. R. Sá, D. L. Paula Faria, T. Cardozo, V. Madrucci, Y. D. Portella
Successes, Challenges, and Future Opportunities in the Pre-Salt Kwanza and Benguela Basins of Angola: Predicating Where the Best Oil Charged Reservoirs Will be Found.
M. Tyrrell, A. Vartan, D. Cunha
Marginal Palaeozoic Fault Systems of the Northern Carnarvon Basin, North-West Shelf, Australia
A. I'Anson, C. Elders
Geology Across Mid-Ocean Ridges – A Framework for Evaluating the South Atlantic Pre-Salt
M. Spaak, A. Seregin, B. Wignall, L. Kennan, H. van Gent, C. Heine
The Role of Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling in the 2015-2017 India National Resource Assessment Project
B. Wygrala, A. Bartha, D. Das, S. Dubey
The Petroleum Systems and Hydrocarbon Potential of Albertine Graben, East African Rift System – Uganda
D. Abeinomugisha, N. Njabire, F. Ocitti
Characterization of Permian Mangrullo Formation (Uruguay) Oil Shale as a Source Rock and Its Correlation With Irati (Brazil) and Whitehill (South Africa) Formations
B. Conti, P. Gristo, M. Torres, J. Castiglioni, P. Portugau, M. Morales, L. Yermán, A. Cuña
An Integrated Approach to Petroleum System Analysis: Implications for Exploration and Risk Reduction in the Southeastern Inland Basins of Nigeria
C. I. Dim, K. M. Onuoha, O. A. Anyiam, I. Okwara, A. W. Mode, B. M. Ozumba
Rock Property Prediction from Seismic Inversion: F-A Gas Field, Bredasdorp Basin, Offshore South Africa
S. Ngcongo, J. Feddersen
The Relationship Between the Compressional Wave Velocity of Saturated Porous Carbonate Rocks and Density: Theory and Application
M. Al Ismail, F. Morgan
4-D CSEM, A Cost-Effective Tool for Deep-Water Clastic Reservoir Monitoring
P. Menezes, J. Crepaldi, A. Zerilli, T. Labruzzo, L. Alvim, J. Correa, E. Pinho, J. S. Lyrio, A. Roessler Viana
Inversion of MT Data with Enhanced Structural Fidelity
F. Golfré Andreasi, S. Re, F. Ceci, L. Masnaghetti
Seismic Detection of Mud Losses – An Application to the Colombian Foothills
E. J. Illidge, Y. Hernandez, D. Mateus, R. Corzo
Fullwave Sonic Analysis: New Methodologies for Characterizing Near-Wellbore Reservoir Properties
C. Ayadiuno
Innovative Fluid Identification Method in Tight Oil Reservoir By Combining Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Data With Array Dielectric Measurements and Spectroscopy Data
J. Wu, Y. Hou, X. Zhao
Digitally Logging the Virtual Core: Innovative, Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient Workflow
C. Shrivastava
Integrating Functional Networks Based Nonlinear Variable Selection Methodology with Artificial Neural Networks for Improved Carbonate Reservoir Cementation Factor Prediction
F. Anifowose, C. Ayaduino, F. Rashedan

Wednesday Afternoon Oral Presentations

A Newly Discovered Giant Early Mesozoic Dome in the Prolific Levant Basin, Eastern Mediterranean
Y. Folkman, Y. Ben-Gai
Tectonic Controls on the Mesozoic Development of Stratigraphic Pinch-Out in the Exmouth Plateau – North West Shelf, Australia
H. Rohead-O'Brien
Structural Architecture Difference and Petroleum Exploration in East Africa Rift System
Z. Wen
Structural Styles and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Ceduna Sub-Basin, Australia: Part One
A. Alghuraybi, M. Bunch
Biomarker Proxy Records of Palaeoenvironmental Change in the Mfabani Peatland, South Africa Since the Late Pleistocene
A. Baker, N. Pedentchouk, J. Routh, A. Roychoudhury
Stable Isotope Hydrology in Fractured and Detritic Aquifers at Both Sides of the South Atlantic Ocean: Mar Del Plata (Argentina) and the Rawsonville and Sandspruit River Catchment Areas (South Africa)
M. Damons
Application of Artificial Intelligence in Hydrogeology to Solve Water Related Issues – Case StudiesFfrom South Africa and Malawi
E. Sakala
Unconventional Oil and Gas Extraction and Groundwater: Exploiting One Natural Resource at the Expense of Another?
S. Esterhuyse
Tail Gas Commercialization of Mature Gas Field in Southeast Sumatra PSC, Indonesia: An Economic Review of Gross Split PSC vs Cost Recovery PSC
V. Indrasatwika, R. L. Djauhari
Oil-Base Mud Filtrate and Hydrogen Index Effects on Magnetic Resonance Porosity in Gas Reservoirs
S. Oifoghe, V. Okowi, H. Thern
Application of GTL Technology for the Medvezhye Field Deposit
G. Y. Fisher, M. Antipina
A New Seismic Technology for High Density Acquisition With Near Zero Environmental Footprint
A. Chatenay, P. Thacker
Application of Development Seismic Technology in Horizontal Well Design ?A Case Study of Block M.
Z. Jing
New Method of Seismic Parameterization and Forward Seismic Modeling: A Solid-Filled Gas Reservoirs Scenario
A. E. Auduson1, 2, 3
Mapping of Basement Structuration From 3-D Seismic Data
A. W. Laake, J. Blanch
Workflow for Extraction of Seismic Data From Multiple Synthetic Seismic Models by Using Clustering Algorithms
J. Amtmann1, 2, C. Eichkitz
Global Insight Into the Controls on Top Seal Based on Analog Studies
J. Faroppa
Distributed Crestal Leakage:Evidence for Geologically Instantaneous (Catastrophic) Top Seal Failure
M. Foschi, J. Cartwright
Fault Seal Analysis in the Southern Pletmos Basin, Offshore South Africa: Implications for Hydrocarbon Migration and Entrapment
S. Mhlambi, F. A. Agbor, T. K. Chatterjee, J. van Bever Donker
Integrated Fractured Basement Play Fairway Definition
K. Rodriguez, N. Hodgson, H. Kearns
Chemostratigraphy, Lithostratigraphy, and Sedimentology of the Unayzah Group, Eastern Saudi Arabia
N. W. Craigie
Technology Contribution for Integrated Shared Live Earth Model
A. A. Al Maskeen
Implications of Sequence Stratigraphic Models of the Gamtoos Basin for Its Petroleum Potential
A. Davids, C. Van Bloemenstein
Circular Depressions Trails in Late Neogene/Early Quarternary Deepwater Slope Deposits Offshore Angola: Implication for the Interpretation of Turbidity-Current vs. Fluid Escape Dynamics
H. S. Putuhena, M. Huuse, I. Kane, J. Cartwright
New Integrated Workflows for Sedimentary Basin Numerical Modeling: Application on the Levant Basin (East-Mediterranean Region)
F. H. Nader, J. Barabasch, M. Ducros, N. Hawie, S. Bou Daher, R. Littke
Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) Forcing as a Control on Climate Change as Opposed to Orbital Cycles and Anthropogenic CO2 Forcing – Some Thoughts and Arguments
R. H. Leadholm
Developments in the Application of Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring
M. Hall
Integration of Geophysical, Geological, and Engineering Data to Continuously Adapt and Evolve Models for Optimization and Risk Analysis of an Ongoing Carbon Storage/eor Project at Farnsworth Texas, U.S.A.
R. Balch, R. Will, G. El-Kaseeh, W. Ampomah, P. Czoski
Petroleum Systems Through Economic Assessment of the Permian Basin, Texas Aided By a Cognitive System for Geosciences
J. Laigle, A. S. Pepper, C. Cavelius, C. Collantes, Z. Jin
Improved Prediction of Sedimentation Rates and Burial History using Storm Software
K. J. Zieba, M. Felix
Exploring the Predictive Power of Seismic Geomorphology to Assess Reservoir Quality of Gravity-Flow Sandstones.
N. Scarselli
Robotics and Automation for Rock Sampling and Characterization: A Paradigm Shift in Real Time Formation Evaluation
A. Marsala, B. Li, H. Alqattan
Integrating Laboratory Analysis for Evaluating and Improving Disposal/Injection Zones Capacity and Determining Well End of Life
P. DuBois, A. Bijaripour, D. Whiting, T. Walker, O. Perez, T. Taylor