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Tuesday Poster Presentations
The Value of Integrated Borehole Image Analysis to Refine Geological Models: An Example From the Greater Burgan Field, Kuwait
B. Al-Enezi, O. AL-shammari, J. Filak, F. Al-Mahmeed, B. Kostic, N. Foote
Sedimentology and Facies Analysis of Jeribe Reservoir (Early-Middle Miocene) in Tawke Oilfield, Zakho, Kurdistan Region, Northern Iraq
D. M. Ibrahim, G. H. Shewrani
Integration of Petrographic and Petrophysical Analyses to Characterize Reservoir Quality of Lower Cretaceous Sediments in the Orange Basin, Offshore South Africa.
M. Magoba
A New Method to Match Trajectories of a Horizontal Well in Time Domain and in Depth in Ancient Buried Hill
Z. Lv, G. Li, J. Wen, S. Wang, T. Wang
Geochemical Characteristics and Origin of the Lower Paleozoic Gas in the Tazhong Uplift, Tarim Basin
J. Shi, J. Li, Z. Shi, B. Cheng, L. Xue, L. Ma
Potential Stratigraphic-Diagenetic Traps in the Upper Jurassic Massive Dolomitized Formations, Northeastern Saudi Arabia: Insights from Integrated Geologic and Forward Diagenetic Modeling
Y. Xu, P. Lu, S. Zhang, M. AbuAli, W. Tan, D. Z. Tang
Reservoir Characterization of “OLU” Field Niger Delta – An Integrated Approach
T. O. Osunrinde, P. A. Enikanselu, M. Udofia, H. Balarabe
Tackling the Declining of Oil Recovery Method in Eastern Indonesia’s Mature and Remote Field: Carbon-Oxygen (C/O) Log.
F. F. Azmalni, A. Firmansyah, R. Sitinjak, I. Widyastuti
Impact of Diagenesis on Deeply Buried Sandstone Reservoir of Nanpu Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, East China
M. Kashif1, 2
Sedimentary Architecture and Sand Body Configuration of the Large Braided River Delta in Shallow Lacustrine Basin: A Case Study From Bashijiqike Formation of Cretaceous in the Kuqa Depression of Tarim Basin, Northwest China
C. Ge, Y. Xiaofang, Z. Huiliang
Synthetic Seismic Forward Modelling of Fluvial Outcrops from the Ebro Basin, Spain
D. McClymont, R. Steele
High Resolution Connectivity Modelling: Implications for Outcrop Geological Studies for Analog Studies
N. A. Siddiqui, A. Rahman1, 2, C. Weng1, 2, W. Ismail1, 2, A. Zameer, J. Ben-Awuah
Brazil Santos Campos Widespread Chemogenic Lacustrine Carbonate Seismic Facies
K. Rodriguez, N. Hodgson
Modeling the Genesis of Aptian Pre-Salt Deposits in Brazilian Basins
D. Oliveira, A. J. Park, L. F. De Ros
The Reconstruction Method of Density Curve of the Tight Limestone Reservoir in Da’anzhai Member
J. Tian, H. Liu, Y. Sun
Endangered Wildlife on South Africa’s Unconventional Shale Gas Exploration and Extraction
A. Kazerouni
Shale Gas Assessement of the Southern Main Karoo Basin in South Africa
S. Adams
Pore Connectivity and Wettability of Typical Shales in South China: Small Angle Neutron Scattering Study
M. Sun
Diagenesis and its Impact on the Reservoir Quality of Low Permeability Reservoirs: A Case Study of Eocene Liushagang Formation of Wushi Depression, Beibuwan Basin, the South China Sea
Y. Xu
The Direct Indicators for Predicting Gas Hydrate Occurrence in the Deep Water Areas of Vietnam Continental Shelf
H. T. Nguyen
Discussion on the Contribution of Graptolite to Organic Enrichment and Reservoir of Gas Shale: A Case Study of the Wufeng—Longmaxi Formations in South China
Z. Qiu, C. Zou, D. Dong, H. Wang, B. Lu
Controlling Factors for Shale Gas Geological Sweet Spots in Wufeng-Longmaxi Fm, Southern Sichuan Basin, China
Q. Zhang, F. Liang, Z. Pang
Petroleum Retention, Migration, and Expulsion in the Triassic Chang 7 Member in the Ordos Basin in China
Y. Chen, S. Lin, B. Bai, S. Tao
The Effect of Reservoir Characteristics on Productivity and Production Forecasting of Montney Shale Gas in Canada
G. Kim, H. Shin, H. Lee
Post-Production Fluid Contact Monitoring in Niger Delta Cased Wells Using Pulsed Neutron Well Logs
P. A. Imorgiemeh
The New Stratigraphic Play of Ciputat Sub Basin, Indonesia: The Integrated Seismic Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis
T. E. Putra, R. Ismail, R. A. Pritama, M. Natsir
Cementation Characteristics and Pore-Forming Evolution of Clastic Reservoirs in the Saline Lake Basin
Y. Wang
Effect of Clay Minerals in Oil and Gas Formation Damage Problems and Production Decline: A Case Study, Gulf of Suez, Egypt.
A. Radwan
Reducing Reservoir Uncertainty in Mafumeira Field Development
J. F. Neto, M. Hoehn
Sanding Problems in Injection and Production Wells of Waterflood Projects
M. Amani
Precise Discussion About the Functions of "Karst Model"
X. Xu, Q. Chen, M. Chai
Play Analysis of the Natal Valley and Durban Basin, Off the East Coast of South Africa
J. Salomo, A. Fielies
The Qualitative Assessment of Fractured Basement Reservoir Potential in Pletmos Basin, Republic of South Africa.
B. M. Msezane, A. Ravaglia, P. Dekker
Petrology, Provenance and Diagenetic History of Cretaceous Knysna and Robberg Formations, South Africa.
B. O. Otunola, K. Liu
Prediction of Seismic Time-Lapse (4-D) Effects of the Reservoir Based on Petrophysical and 3D Seismic Data in the Turaco Prospect, Semliki Basin, Western Uganda
J. M. Kiberu, R. Kiconco
Sequence Stratigraphy of the Post-jurassic in the Algoa and Gamtoos Basins: Implications for Hydrocarbon Potential in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
M. H. Makhubele, E. Bordy
Insights into Kinematics and Basin Development through Palinspastic Reconstructions in Pull-Apart Basin Sunda Strait: Implication for the Opportunity of Hydrocarbon Exploration in Fore-Arc Basin Western Indonesia
A. Krisnabudhi, M. M. Mukti, M. E. Marshal, S. R. Ananda
Physical Analogue Models and Numerical Simulation to Constrain Forming Mechanism of Penetrative Strikeslip Faults
F. Ning1, 2, Y. Jinbiao, Z. Zhang, S. Haiming
Hydrocarbon Detection Seabed Surveying Using Microbial-Geochemical Exploration (MGCE) Technology Can Mitigate CO2 Charge Risk Prior to Deep Water Exploration Drilling
H. Mei, H. Rebel, Y. Liang, S. Deng, C. Hao
Insights from a New Frontier Carbonate Exploration Play in the Deep-water Agc Area, Offshore Senegal-Guinea Bissau
D. M. Dutton, M. Bourne, A. Gillespie, L. Heaton, A. Litvin
Submarine Canyons: Key Features to Derisk Deep Sea Exploration.
V. Delhaye-Prat, C. Huguen
Why is Everyone Excited About Deepwater Sao Tome and Principe EEZ: The 4 Key Reasons Why This has Been One of the Hottest Areas for Exploration in 2017
M. Tyrrell, J. May, O. D'Abreu
Maximizing the Value of Analogues in Deep-Water Reservoirs
M. Mayall1, 2
Identification of Neogene Mixed Lacustrine Carbonate in Qaidam Basin, China
Z. Fan, W. Jiangong, S. Xiujian
Reservoir Prediction in the Ibhubesi Gas Field, West Coast South Africa, Orange Basin, Block 2A
G. Skosana
Investigation of Geothermal Energy Using Aeromagnetic Data in Some Parts of Chad Basin, Nigeria
A. I. Chinwuko, E. K. Anakwuba
Wellbore Stability Analysis and Pore Pressure Study in Badri Field Using a Limited Data, Gulf of Suez, Egypt.
A. Radwan
Hydrocarbon Type Estimation Using the Synthetic Logs: A Case Study in Baba Member, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
A. Radwan
Impact of Shear Velocity Estimation on Wellbore Stability
C. Otoghile, C. Udeze
Evaporite Facies Characterization Based on an Unsupervised Artificial Neural Network in Northern Saudi Arabia
S. Zhang, Y. Xu, M. Teng
Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis in the Rift Section of Santos Basin, Brazil
A. F. Arias, J. Kuchle, R. Alvarenga, C. Scherer, K. Goldberg
Integration of Multi-Attribute Analysis Data in Mapping Hydrocarbon Distribution Across Structurally Controlled Reservoirs in “Tin” Field, Niger Delta
I. T. Ndulue, C. Ugbor, C. I. Dim, C. Okeugo
Petroleum Resources Management System (PRMS) and the Importance of Analogs
J. Faroppa, H. Garcia
Development of the 2019-2024 National Oil and Gas Leasing Program on the United States Outer Continental Shelf
R. Orr, K. Hammerle, M. Frye
Source of Biodegraded Oil in the Upper Jurassic of Fukang Sag in Junggar Basin, Northwest China
M. Hou, M. Zha, X. Ding, A. Imin
Predicting Petroleum Physical Properties Using the NSO-Compounds Inventory of Pyrolysates
N. Mahlstedt1, 2, B. Horsfield1, 2
Thermal Effects on the Neopaleozoic Reservoirs of the Parnaíba Basin, Brazil
M. Cardoso Jr, F. Chemale Jr, C. Engelmann de Oliveira, C. Souza Cruz, C. Abreu
Resource Assessment of a Prospect With Two Separate Structural Closures Linked by a Saddle - Challanges, Solutions, and Pitfalls in Creating a Geologically Correct Probabilistic Model
P. A. Hole
Hydrocarbon Potential of the Semliki Basin in the Albertine Graben, Uganda
J. Lukaye, F. Mugisha, R. Tugume
Thermal Effect Evaluation of Basic Sill on Rhythmite of Taciba Formation (Permian), South of Brazil, Using RGB Measurements on Non-Opaque Phytoclasts
M. S. Silva1, 2, L. D. Mouro1, 2, 3, L. D. Vieira1, 4, 5, B. L. Waichel1, 2, 3
How Models of Organic Carbon Distribution are Influenced by Paleo-bathymetry - Tested in the Cretaceous Hammerfest Basin, Barents Sea
B. Emmel, A. Baskoro, G. deJager, A. Grøver, O. Roli
SurfaceLogging Combo: How Continuous Real-Time Isotopic Measurement Enhances the Mud Gas Interpretation Workflow
B. Jacquet, D. Strapoc, S. Khan, O. Torres, E. Inan Villegas, H. Albrecht, B. Okoh, D. McKinney
Baseline Study of the Volta Basin, Ghana: Geophysical Constraints
A. Ayikwei, S. Webb, K. Hein, M. Jessell
Tectonic Evolution and Its Influence on Hydrocarbon Accumulation of the Ruman Buried Hill in Melut Basin, South Sudan
L. Xue
Controlling Effect of Normal Fault Related Folds to Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation
Y. Lang, J. Zhang, Y. Wang, G. Fu
New Plays and Remaining Potential in the Campos Basin Uncovered by a Newly Reprocessed Regional 3-D Seismic Dataset
N. W. Hurst, P. Bellingham, A. Hartwig, B. W. Horn
Research of the Cambrian Salt-Related Structures in Sichuan Basin
A. Xu, S. Hu, Z. Wang, D. Bo, W. Liu
The Internal Seismic Character of the Gamtoos Basin's Late Valanginian to Late Hauterivian Syncline Fill Sequences and the Potential for a Hydrocarbon Play
C. Van Bloemenstein, A. Davids
Sequence Stratigraphy of the Neocomian Succession of the North Western Siberia Basin
A. V. Khitrenko, A. Batalova, A. Musikhin2, 3
Charging and Connectivity of Fractured Basement Reservoirs in the West of Shetland (North Atlantic, UK) - Insights From Oil Geochemistry Studies
M. Nuzzo, R. McBride, L. Neale, A. Wingfield, P. Farrimond, C. Slightam, R. Trice
A Study on Injection Wells Acidification in Fushan Oilfield Based on Fine Classification
C. Lu, C. Huang, Y. Tao, X. Jiang, K. Cui, B. Ma, J. Guo, Z. Li
Using Adobe Photoshop to Analysis Vuggy Porosity Quantitatively Based on Electrical Borehole Images
H. Xing2, 1, Z. X. Cai2, 1, H. Zhang
Ocean Bottom Multi-Physics Nodes – Next Reservoir Monitoring Step Forward?
E. Pinho, A. Zerilli, P. Menezes, J. Correa, J. S. Lyrio, A. Roessler Viana