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Monday Morning Oral Presentations
An Efficient Workflow for Geological Characterization in Unconventional Reservoirs From a New Through-the-Bit Logging Electrical Micro-Imaging Tool
S. Yang, J. Kherroubi, A. He, T. Yamada
Monitoring Hydraulic Fracture Volume Using Surface to Borehole EM and Conductive Proppant
G. M. Hoversten, C. Schwarzbach
Emerging Unconventional Resource Plays in the Onshore Gulf of Mexico: Assessing Agua Nueva and Tuscaloosa Play Potential
C. Yallup, A. D. Bromhead
Dip Sequence Analysis Utilizing Statistical Curvature Analysis: A Case Study on Complex Strata of theLate Middle Miocene Formation in Akita Basin, Onshore Japan
S. Parashar, I. Wu, M. Iyer, H. Komatsu, S. Shimada
Assessing the Shale Gas Potential of the Southern Main Karoo Basin, South Africa
Z. Mowzer, S. Adams
Automated Well Placement and Well Controls Optimization for Improved Hydrocarbon Production and Field Development Planning: Deepwater Reservoir Case Study.
A. Kuznetsova, I. Campbell, D. Eydinov, A. Diaz
Innovative Real-Time Well Monitoring and Integration of Multiple Data Sources for Reducing the Uncertainty and Informed Decision Making
C. Pattnaik, V. Kidambi, S. N. Rao, M. Al-Dousiri, Q. Dashti
Characterization of Fluid Composition While Drilling to Aid Horizontal Well Placement in an Oil Rim Reservoir
A. Maguire, G. Abdrahman, A. Fernandes, I. Fornasier
Ultra-Deep Resistivity Boosts Geosteering for Reservoir Targeting
S. Komies, A. Marsala, M. Badawy, A. Taher
Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Baqa and Uqlah Members at the Post Glacial Ordovician-Silurian Boundary in Saudi Arabia
S. Alshahrani, R. Zuhlke
The Application of Bioevent for Refine Stratigraphic Correlation: An Example for Baram Field, West Baram Delta, Sarawak, Malaysia
S. Hasan, H. H. Ismail, M. F. Abdul Kadir
High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Its Implication in Mixed Siliciclastic Carbonate Sequence: A Case Study From Early to Middle Eocene Sylhet Formation, Assam and Assam-Arakan Basin, India
S. Chakrabarty, D. Gorai, M. Shukla, S. Uppal
Lithofacies, Biostratigraphy, and Sequence Stratigraphic Characterization of #4 Well, Greater Ughelli Depobelt, Niger Delta Basin, Nigeria: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration.
J. K. Raji, A. Adebowale, A. O. Reginald, A. Ibitoye, A. A. Amoyedo
New Stratigraphic Play Discovery Using Integration Method From Detailed Core-Log Facies Analysis and Seismic Attribute Mapping in Central Arjuna Sub-Basin, Northwest Java Basin
R. A. Pritama, R. Ismail, T. Tasiyat, M. Natsir, T. E. Putra
“New Ideas in Old Places”: The Continuous Rejuvenation of Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean Province (Nile, Levantine), from Abu Madi to Zohr
L. Meciani, F. Lottaroli
Jubilee to Liza: Lessons From a Decade of Exploration in the Central Atlantic
K. Myers, H. Doran, E. Zanella, J. A. Collard
South Gabon Shallow Water Pre-Salt Play Creaming Curve Revival
K. Rodriguez, N. Hodgson
Giant Discoveries in the Deep Offshore of the Gulf of Guinea: 1987-1997 and Beyond
A. Coajou, E. Insalaco
Storytelling of the AMENAM Oil and Gas Discovery (Offshore Niger Delta)
E. Ikelionwu, J. BIE, M. Egbosimba, T. Duze, D. Ndefo, J. P. Durand
Monday Afternoon Oral Presentations
Saturation Isn’t What It Used to Be: Towards More Realistic Petroleum Fluid Saturations and Produced Fluid Compozitions in Organic-Rich Unconventional Reservoirs
A. S. Pepper, S. Perry, K. Jerath, L. Heister
Insights Into Reservoir Dynamics of the Montney Formation From Analysis of Flowback and Produced Fluids, Petrophysics, and Fluid Compatibility Modeling
R. M. Bustin, J. Owen, A. Bustin
Characterization and Origin of Produced Solids From the Jurassic Najmah Formation, Kuwait
M. M. Al-Hajeri1, 2
Shale Hydrocarbon Characterization of North Sumatra Basin, Indonesia: Revealing New Reserves of Non-Conventional Shale Hydrocarbon
R. N. Hakim
Geochemical Characterization and Petroleum Source-Rock Potential of Fika Formation Tuma-1 Well, Chad Basin, Nigeria
T. A. Adedosu, G. Ogungbesan
Formation Water and Residual Gas Analysis of Some Reservoirs in the Deep-Water Offshore Mozambique: Insights on Burial History and Field Compartmentalization.
A. Luciani, P. Cardola, C. Benvenuti, P. Scaglioni
Complex Geological Modeling and Quality Assurance Using Unstructured Grids
S. Harris, S. Santoshini, S. Kashem, T. Viard, A. Levannier, A. Benabbou
Forward Depositional Modeling of Stacked Delta Systems (Early Cretaceous, Saudi Arabia)
R. Zuhlke, C. S. Sun, P. A. Crisi, N. A. Michael, A. Garg
Understanding Complex Fluid Contacts Through Integration of Seismic and Pressure Data With Well Information: A Case Study of Deep Carbonate Reservoirs of Kuwait
V. Kidambi, C. Pattnaik, S. N. Rao, B. Al-Qadeeri, N. Al-Ajmi, A. Al-Hammadi, Q. Dashti
Examples of Field Development Optimization Based on Joint Solution of Fluid Dynamics and Geomechanics on Common Model Grids
K. Bogachev, S. Hinneh, O. G. Malinur
Multidisciplinary Approach in Tight Oil Appraisal: A Case Study From Barmer Basin
C. Saha, S. Konar, A. Bora, P. Kumar, A. Dhanasetty, P. Majumdar, P. Shankar
Illuminating the Geology of Super Basins: The Next Big Thing for Exploration?
O. E. Sutcliffe, M. Treloar, D. Slidel, M. Simmons
Developing Tight Gas in a Mature Basin - United Kingdom North Sea
P. Barrett, E. Syba
High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of Fluvial Deposits of Potiguar Basin, Northeast Brazil: A Tool for Improving Hydrocarbon Production and Reserves
A. H. Melo1, 2, A. C. Magalhães, D. G. Fragoso, M. C. Menegazzo, C. P. Florencio, F. P. Lima-Filho4, 2
New Plays and New Reservoirs - Reviving Untapped Potential in the Northern Malay Basin, Southern Gulf of Thailand
M. Bin Ali, J. Skulsangjuntr, D. C. Barr, V. L. Cathey, R. Rahadi
Petroleum Potential of the Herodotus Basin: Application of Regional Analogs to Predict Plays and Reduce Risk
S. Stanton, D. Macgregor
Defining New Exploration Play Potential in the Offshore Sirt Basin, Libya, Using Mega-Regional 2-D Seismic Data
L. D. Fullarton, E. C. Gillbard, K. G. McDermott, P. Bellingham
The Way Forward in Developing the Hydrocarbon Resources of the Levant Basin, Offshore Israel
M. Gardosh
Seismic Geomorphology of Submarine Channel-Belt Complexes in the Pliocene Succession of the Levant Basin, Offshore Central Israel
Y. Niyazi, N. Waldman
Discovery of the Anisian Caley Member Petroleum System, Bedout Sub-Basin, Western Australia
J. Minken, M. Thompson, J. Woodward, R. Fabrici, F. Fernandes
Analogizing - Hybrid Reservoirs Reservoir Engineering & Production Best Practices
H. P. Menon, R. Hull
Successful Production of Tight Sands (Cretaceous) in "Block I" and New Opportunities of Development in "Block IV" – Talara Basin, Peru
A. J. Jimenez
Lithofacies Controls on Natural Fracture Distribution in the Qusaiba Shale, Rub’ Al-Khali Basin, Saudi Arabia
A. Mustafa, A. Abdulraheem, A. Sahin, G. Korvin
The Mudrock Viceroy Unit (Lodgepole Formation) of Southern Saskatchewan: A Complex Mudrock Revealed Using a Proposed Core-Logging Methodology, Event-Sedimentation, and Modern Analogue
S. Bend, S. MacKnight
Characteristics of Organic Matter Graphitization in Over- Mature Lower Paleozoic Marine Shales, South China
Y. Hou, K. Zhang, L. Wu, S. He, W. Qin, Y. Xiao
Multidisciplinary Characterization of a Polyphasic Albian Karst, Campos Basin, Brazil
Y. Backheuser, C. Rodrigues de Araujo Correa, R. Herlinger Junior, I. Alves Seifert, E. Ambrosini Thedy
Depogrid: Next – Generation Unstructured Grids for Accurate Reservoir Modeling and Simulation
S. Santoshini, S. Harris, A. Levannier, S. Kashem, T. Viard, A. Benabbou, L. Mace
Defining Independent Sandbodies Good Reservoirs in a Complex Environment With Many Challenges to Solve
R. C. Sablit
New Approaches for Geological Uncertainties Handling in Reserves Estimation for Greenfield in South Vietnam Shelf
T. Baranov, G. Fedorchenko, V. Terentev, A. Galimova, S. Gusev, G. Sansiev
A 3-D Fault Seal Analysis Study Conducted in the Ibhubesi Gas Field Offshore the West Coast of South Africa
N. Msezane1, 2
Depositional Control on Reservoir and Production Performance of a Mature Field Onshore Niger Delta: Implication for Work-Over and Infill Drilling.
E. Benard, S. Charles, A. Awujoola, M. Akamadu, N. Obioha, A. Isah, S. Abidoye, O. Badmus
Assessment of Subsurface Risk Uncertainties Associated With a Typical Near-Field Exploration Prospects, Block 9, Bredasorp Basin, Offshore South Africa.
V. Godongwana, A. Sigedle
Evaluating Missed Pay Factor of Matured Fields
P. Abangwu
The Underexplored Shelf-Edge Plays of the West Africa Transform Margin: A Play Opening Case Study on Merged 3-D Seismic and Well Datasets Through Togo, Benin, and Western Nigeria
M. Tyrrell, M. Martin, B. Biaou
Asymmetric Conjugate Volcanic Margins of the South Atlantic: A Result of Variable Seaward Dipping Reflector Domain Accretion.
K. R. Reuber, P. Mann, J. Pindell
Post-Rift Potential Source Rock Correlations and Prospectivity of the Deep Atlantic Conjugate Margins, South of the Walvis Ridge
I. Davison1, 2
Benchmarking, Calibrating and Validating Exploration Prospects in Offshore Ghana using Global Field/Reservoir Analogs
S. Wu, J. Faroppa, G. Treadgold, S. Sun
Conjugate Margin Chronostratigraphy – Comparison of Cretaceous-Tertiary Petroleum Systems in Namibia and Uruguay
B. W. Horn, K. McDonough1, 2, K. R. Reuber, K. G. McDermott, F. W. Brouwer1, 3