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ICE 2018 Student and Young Professional Networking Events

This one-day workshop will cover basic software usage application and introduce the procedures and workflow for building a 3-D geological model using Petrel. This will be a practical course to illustrate 3-D geological model construction, followed by hands-on-practical by the students.Students will learn about project set-up, data import, creating simple surfaces, performing basic quality checks, 3-D grids, and visualization.

Students will understand the science and workflows behind building consistent 3-D geological models including fluid, facies and porosity distribution, and volumetric estimation. They will learn how to integrate data from cores, logs, and seismic and how to upscale this data into a geological model that can be fed into flow simulation models for field development planning, field optimization, and/or production scenarios.


  • ‭Role of reservoir modeling
  • Overview of a basic 3-D geological model
  • ‭How to build a 3-D geological model
  • ‭Exercise: Hands-on-practical by students‬

To participate in the workshop please indicate your interest during the registration process.

This workshop explores the main skills that a speaker needs to master in order to enhance the effectiveness of their speeches/presentations. Each skill is discussed and illustrated with real examples of successful speeches and presentations. If time permits, the instructor will give participants a number of exercises to practice some of these skills during the workshop time.


Workshop Outline:

  • Discussion on public speaking skills: learned vs. acquired
  • ‭Public speaking and performance anxiety: How to reduce anxiety‬
  • ‭Selecting a topic for a speech or a presentation‬
  • ‭Role of storytelling in a speech/presentation‬
  • ‭Role of practice and dry-runs‬
  • ‭Elements of verbal delivery‬
  • ‭Memorizing vs. internalizing‬
  • ‭Getting in the audience’s shoes‬
  • ‭Jaw-dropping moments and their role in knowledge retention ‬
  • ‭and speech impact‬
  • ‭Art of adding humor‬
  • ‭Planning a speech/presentation‬
  • ‭Creating a multisensory experience to maximize content retention‬

To participate in the workshop please indicate your interest during the registration process.

(*To qualify as a young professional, you must be under the age of 35 with less than 10 years’ work experience).

This workshop is based on the Competent Communicator level of the Toastmasters International educational program, which targets the mastering of 10 basic skills of public speaking. During the workshop, participants will learn about these skills and how to apply them when crafting their speeches or planning their presentations.

Workshop Outline:

  • ‭Discussion on public speaking‬
  • ‭Breaking the ice with public speaking‬
  • ‭Organizing a speech/presentation‬
  • ‭Getting to the point‬
  • ‭How to say it‬
  • ‭Body gestures‬
  • ‭Vocal variety‬
  • ‭Art of using data and statistics
  • ‭Visual aids‬
  • ‭Art of persuasion‬
  • ‭Inspirational speeches‬

‭To participate in the workshop please indicate your interest during the registration process.‬

This ice-breaker session is aimed at students and young professionals (YPs) and is designed to encourage networking, ‭discussion, and mentorship between YPs and students. The activity is an opportunity for students to ask questions and address concerns, and for YPs to share their insights as early career geoscientists in the oil and gas industry.

Main Objectives:

  • ‭Meet and greet, networking between students and YPs‬
  • ‭Brain storming in the form of a “Lean Coffee” session where YPs and students can talk honestly about issues facing early career geoscientists
  • ‭An opportunity for students to develop mentor relationships with YPs‬
  • ‭Gain perspective from YPs and students in preparation for upcoming panels during the week‬
Lean Coffee Event

‭A “lean-coffee” session is where students and YPs come together in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss relevant topics over coffee/ beverages and snacks. Students and YPs will create their own agenda, vote on topics of shared interest, and start discussions. The event will last one hour, which should allow students and YPs to develop ideas and address topics that will sustain meaningful dialogue throughout AAPG ICE 2018. The facilitators have prepared some “pocket topics” to help kick off the session and to encourage communication and debate.‬

‭To participate in the session please indicate your interest during the registration process.

(*To qualify as a young professional, you must be under the age of 35 with less than 10 years' work experience).‬

During this panel session the participants will discuss millennials entering the workplace and how this generation is going to redefine and reshape the workplace of the future. Millennials have grown up with technology at their fingertips and being exposed to all things connected. Their diverse understanding of the digital realm and innovative ways of thinking provides a unique opportunity that organizations can leverage and therefore need to capitalize on. However, the millennial tends to be uncomfortable with rigid corporate structures and learning the old ways from the professionals, and employers are already voicing concern over changing their hiring policies and practices in order to ‭accommodate this new work force.

The question now is, are established professionals willing to adapt and meet the millennial half way? This symposium will discuss a number of other approaches that should be considered and incorporated into organizations, hiring strategies to attract top millennial talent. Suggested topics that academia may incorporate into their curriculum for adequate preparation of the geoscientists of tomorrow will also be discussed during the session. Participants will ‭also discuss the benefits from young professionals’ perspective with regards to professionalism, leadership skills, diverse knowledge base, and company influence. Other key questions to be addressed are:‬

  • ‭What can academia do to prepare students for the industry?‬
  • ‭What traits do young people need to excel in the industry?‬
  • ‭What are the benefits of diversity from students’ perspectives?‬
  • ‭Are students really prepared for the industry?‬
  • ‭Lessons from the Mentor-mentee program‬

The symposium is expected to produce a lot of good ideas out of the discussions and also present a broad knowledge on how students and young professionals can be proactive and develop their career.

  • Oge Modie, Chief of Staff to the Honorable Minister of State, Petroleum Resources, Nigeria
  • Jeff Aldrich, Vice President, MHA Petroleum Consultants
  • Claire Geel, Geoscientist, PhD Candidate, University of Cape Town‬
  • Julian Chenin, Graduate Student, University of Houston‬
  • Tunbosun Afolayan, Shell, AAPG Africa Region Student Chapter Coordinator‬
  • Eman Yami, Group Leader, Exploration, HR Group, Saudi Aramco
  • Roland Ndombi, Recruiting & University Relations Manager, Sub-Sahara Africa, Schlumberger
  • Andrea Moscariello, Professor of Reservoir Geology and Basin Analysis, University of Geneva
  • ‭Ademola Lanisa, Reservoir Geophysicist, Total‬

All registered students and faculty are invited to attend the Student Reception for food, fun, and networking. Meet AAPG leaders and officers as well as executives from longtime corporate sponsor, ExxonMobil. In addition to these industry connections, you can also meet up with fellow students in a fun and relaxing environment.

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Sign up to judge ICE 2018 Cape Town. Your participation in the judging of papers and posters is requested. This important function determines the winners of the awards listed below. Your efforts will involve judging and evaluating one or more oral or poster sessions. Sign up to judge during your registration process and indicate how many and which sessions you are willing judge. Should you need further information, contact Terri Duncan at .

  • ‭Gabriel Dengo Memorial Award for Best Paper‬
  • ‭Ziad Beydoun Memorial Award for Best Poster‬
  • ‭Carlos Walter M. Campos Memorial Award for Best Student Paper‬
  • ‭‭Ozan Sungurlu Memorial Award for Best Student Poster
‬ ‭‬

Conference Volunteers Needed

‭Students and Young Professionals – sign up to be a volunteer at ICE 2018 and earn US $25 for every four hours worked. Volunteers are needed in the following areas: Judges Room, Opening Ceremony, Oral Presentations, Poster Presentations, and Registration. Simply select the day(s) and time(s) you are available, as well as the location(s) you prefer when you register online. To receive benefits volunteers must be either students or employees in the industry who are recent (2017–2018) graduates. Should you need further information, contact Terri Duncan at .‬